How to complain…

Prism Marketing Group take every complaint seriously and aim to resolve them in the quickest time frame possible.

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Prism Marketing Group Limited
Exeter House Lower East Wing, 30 Churchill Place, Canary Wharf, London, E14 5RE.

By Phone: 0161 7060068 

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These are the steps we will take:

  1. We will acknowledge your complaint
    Your complaint will be acknowledged by our team within 3 working days. The acknowledgement letter may include a request for further details about your complaint.

2.We will investigate your complaint 
Our team will always investigate your complaint. We will be as thorough as possible in order to handle your complaint as quickly as possible we may telephone you if we require additional information we need.

3. Resolve your complaint 
our team will analyse the facts and come to a conclusion that takes full account of these.

We try to do this without any delays but to do a i an in depth it job may take some time, depending on the complexities of your case. If we are unable to give a response  within 28 days from receipt of your complaint, we will write to you in order to keep you informed stating the reasons for the delay, and a proposed date by which we will respond to you.

4. Giving you a decision 
Our team will write to you with a full account of our investigation and of our decision. whether this is, for example, a payment to make up for any loss incurred or a statement to say why we believe your concerns are unfounded, you will be able to see that we take a reasoned and fair judgement.

Following the completion of our investigation, you will be given a period of 4 weeks to respond to our final response. After this period your complaint will be considered resolved if we hear nothing from you.

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