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UK Will Appointments was established to help cut through the confusion, lengthy search time and often unappealing prices of high street solicitors and to find the most competitive prices on the market. UK Will Appointments works with numerous will writing companies in each part of the UK who have all be vetted and all offer a free no obligation will writing appointment.

Customize Your Will To Fit Your Needs

Customize Your Will To Fit Your Needs

Customize your will to meet your needs with a free will writing appointment.

Get Cover For Your Families Future

Get Cover For Your Families Future

Failing to sacrifice a few minutes of your time may cost your family thousands in tax if you passed.

100% Guaranteed Acceptance Rate For All

100% Guaranteed Acceptance Rate For All

Get matched with a local will writer who can guarantee you a free will writing appointment.

Rest Assured That Your Families Covered

Rest Assured That Your Families Covered

Get peace of mind by planning your future now and avoid any unforeseen circumstances. 

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How Failing To Have A Will Can Affect You And 3 Steps You Can Take To Ensure You`re Protected

It’s unfortunate that most Brits don’t have a will in place because they don’t want to structure one yet failing to sacrifice a few minutes of your time to meet with a professional will writer may cost your family thousands in tax if you were to pass.

3 Things You Can Do to Ensure You’re Protected

Get a Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA):

A more common issue we see due the ageing population is mental capacity which could affect you from writing a will. If you or a family member faces the risk of becoming mentally incapacitated, it crucial you get a Lasting Power of Attorney. Failure to have an LPA risks your assets and finances being managed by external deputy, which can be very difficult and expensive for the family. By getting an LPA you can ensure that a trusted family member or friend can be in control of your estate providing you and your family with peace of mind.
Get a Professional to Draw up Your Will:
Hiring a professional to write your will helps you avoid common problems that could make your will invalid when you die. Professional will-writers will offer you home visits, drop ins and advice on inheritance tax and trusts.
Get a Living Trust:
A living trust is not only more cost effective, but it also it minimises the time it takes to exchange assets. It bypasses the time-consuming process of probate and your assets can be managed without having to wait for a Grant from the court. A Living Trust ensures that your assets are transferred to designated beneficiaries by the successor trustee (the person who you have chosen to do so).  Unlike a will which only becomes effective when you die, a Living Trust is effective while you’re still alive. A Living Trust bypasses the time-consuming process of probate and your assets can be passed on to the named beneficiaries without the Grant from the Court.

Be In Control; Firstly a will puts you in control. You can choose who will benefit from your estate and what they are entitled to. You also decide who will administer your affairs after your death.

Minimise estate taxes; Another reason to have a will is because it allows you to minimise your estate taxes. The value of what you give away to family members or charity will reduce the value of your estate when it’s time to pay estate taxes.

Marriage Effects Your Will; Unless you make a will following your marriage, the rules of intestacy apply. This means that unless you have children, your surviving spouse will receive everything. If you have children, your spouse will receive the first £250,000 and half of the remainder of your estate.

Your Will Can Be Challenged When You Die; When you die your will may be contested which shows the importance of having a will written by professional.

You Could Be Affected by the “commorientes" rules; If you and your spouse were to have a simultaneous death such as a car accident and it couldn’t be deemed who died first then then it would be deemed to be the eldest. If you have children from a different relationship it could mean the children miss out on the inheritance.

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